a Sales Associate Should Not Get the Legal Description From

A Sales Associate Should Not Get the Legal Description From

When it comes to real estate transactions, obtaining the correct legal description is crucial. The legal description of a property defines its boundaries and is used to accurately identify and locate the property. While it may be tempting for a sales associate to take on the responsibility of obtaining the legal description, it is important to recognize the potential risks and limitations. In this article, we will explore why a sales associate should not get the legal description from and provide further insights into this matter.

Why Shouldn’t a Sales Associate Obtain the Legal Description?

1. Lack of Expertise: Legal descriptions can be complex and require a deep understanding of land surveying, property rights, and local laws. A sales associate may not possess the necessary expertise to accurately interpret and obtain the legal description. Relying on an individual without the appropriate knowledge may lead to errors and legal complications.

2. Liability Concerns: Real estate transactions involve significant financial investments and legal obligations. If a sales associate provides an incorrect legal description, it could result in costly disputes and legal issues. By leaving this task to professionals who specialize in legal descriptions, the liability is shifted away from the sales associate, ensuring a higher level of protection for all parties involved.

3. Time Constraints: Sales associates have a multitude of responsibilities, including marketing properties, negotiating deals, and assisting clients. Adding the task of obtaining legal descriptions can be time-consuming and may hinder their ability to focus on other critical aspects of their role. By delegating this task to experts, sales associates can allocate their time more effectively and provide better service to their clients.

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4. Legal Implications: In some jurisdictions, obtaining legal descriptions may require adherence to specific regulations and licensing requirements. Sales associates who attempt to obtain legal descriptions without the necessary qualifications may be violating the law, leading to potential legal consequences. It is essential to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the governing bodies and ensure compliance to protect both the sales associate and the client.


Q: Who should be responsible for obtaining the legal description of a property?

A: The responsibility of obtaining the legal description of a property should typically fall upon licensed land surveyors or other professionals trained in land surveying and property law. They have the expertise to accurately interpret legal descriptions and ensure compliance with local regulations.

Q: What are the risks of obtaining an incorrect legal description?

A: Obtaining an incorrect legal description can lead to various risks, including disputes over property boundaries, legal complications, and financial losses. It is crucial to rely on professionals with the appropriate knowledge to minimize these risks.

Q: Can a sales associate assist in the process of obtaining a legal description?

A: While a sales associate may provide support and gather relevant information for the professionals responsible for obtaining the legal description, it is not advisable for them to take on this task independently. Their role should primarily focus on facilitating the transaction and providing excellent customer service.

Q: How can a sales associate ensure accurate legal descriptions?

A: By partnering with licensed land surveyors and professionals experienced in legal descriptions, a sales associate can ensure accurate legal descriptions. Collaborating with experts in the field will minimize the chances of errors and protect all parties involved in the real estate transaction.

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In conclusion, a sales associate should not take on the responsibility of obtaining the legal description of a property. The complexity of legal descriptions, liability concerns, time constraints, and potential legal implications make it essential to leave this task to qualified professionals. By doing so, sales associates can focus on their core responsibilities, provide better service to their clients, and minimize the risks associated with inaccurate legal descriptions.