How Do You Unlock Court of Stars

How Do You Unlock Court of Stars: A Guide to Accessing This Mythic Dungeon

Court of Stars is a mythic dungeon located in the city of Suramar, within the Broken Isles in World of Warcraft. This secretive instance is full of intrigue and offers unique challenges for players to overcome. However, unlocking Court of Stars requires players to complete specific quests and meet certain criteria before gaining access. In this article, we will guide you through the process of unlocking Court of Stars and provide answers to some frequently asked questions.

Unlocking Court of Stars:
1. Begin with Suramar: To unlock Court of Stars, you must first complete the Suramar questline. This extensive questline is available to players who have reached level 110 and have achieved a certain reputation level with the Nightfallen faction. Simply follow the Suramar questline, which will lead you through various tasks and storylines within the city.

2. Achieve Honored Reputation: As you progress through the Suramar questline, you will gain reputation with the Nightfallen faction. To unlock Court of Stars, you must achieve Honored reputation with this faction. Completing quests, regular world quests, and emissary quests will help you earn reputation points.

3. Complete Insurrection Achievement: Once you have reached Honored reputation with the Nightfallen, you can begin the Insurrection achievement questline. This achievement consists of a series of quests that delve deeper into the story of Suramar and its inhabitants. The Insurrection achievement culminates in a final questline that grants access to Court of Stars.

4. Meet the Gear Requirement: Court of Stars is a mythic dungeon, which means it has a higher difficulty level compared to normal and heroic dungeons. To access Court of Stars, your character must meet a certain item level requirement. This requirement may vary depending on the current expansion and patch. Ensure your gear is up to par before attempting the dungeon.

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5. Assemble a Group: Mythic dungeons require a group of five players to complete. Coordinate with your friends or use the dungeon finder tool to find a group of like-minded adventurers to tackle Court of Stars with.


Q1. Can I enter Court of Stars without completing the Suramar questline?
A1. No, unlocking Court of Stars requires completion of the Suramar questline. It is an integral part of the storyline and serves as a prerequisite for accessing this mythic dungeon.

Q2. Can I solo Court of Stars?
A2. No, Court of Stars is designed as a group dungeon and requires a full party of five players. Attempting to solo the dungeon would be extremely challenging, if not impossible, due to the mechanics and difficulty level.

Q3. Can I access Court of Stars on lower difficulty levels?
A3. No, Court of Stars is exclusively available as a mythic dungeon. It does not have normal or heroic difficulty options like other dungeons. Mythic dungeons provide increased challenge and better rewards.

Q4. Are there any special rewards in Court of Stars?
A4. Yes, Court of Stars offers unique rewards, including powerful gear, artifact power, and other valuable items. Additionally, the dungeon has a chance to drop special mounts and pets, making it an enticing challenge for completionists.

Q5. Can I repeat Court of Stars multiple times?
A5. Yes, you can run Court of Stars as many times as you like, just like any other dungeon. Mythic dungeons reset weekly, allowing you to farm for rewards, gear, and achievements.

Unlocking Court of Stars requires dedication and progression through the Suramar questline. Once you have achieved the necessary reputation and completed the Insurrection achievement, you can embark on this exciting mythic dungeon adventure. Gather your fellow adventurers, gear up, and prepare to face the challenges that await in the Court of Stars!

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