How Much Money Does Judge Marilyn Mulian Make

How Much Money Does Judge Marilyn Mulian Make?

Judge Marilyn Mulian is a well-known figure in the legal profession, having established a reputation for fairness and integrity. As a judge, Mulian presides over a variety of cases, ranging from civil to criminal matters. However, many people are curious about her salary and how much money she makes. In this article, we will explore the compensation of Judge Marilyn Mulian and provide answers to frequently asked questions about her income.

Judge Marilyn Mulian is a federal judge serving in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. Federal judges are appointed for life and are not subject to regular salary increases. According to the latest available data, the salary of a United States federal judge is $216,400 per year. This figure is determined by the Judicial Compensation Act, which sets the salary for federal judges based on the level of the court they preside over. Federal judges receive the same base salary regardless of their geographic location.

In addition to the base salary, federal judges receive various benefits and allowances. These include a pension plan, health insurance, and reimbursement for travel expenses associated with official duties. The specific details of these benefits may vary, but they are designed to ensure that federal judges are adequately compensated for their service.


Q: How does Judge Marilyn Mulian’s salary compare to other federal judges?

A: Judge Marilyn Mulian’s salary is the same as that of other federal judges. All federal judges receive a base salary of $216,400 per year, regardless of their location or level of court.

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Q: Can federal judges receive additional income from outside sources?

A: No, federal judges are prohibited from engaging in any outside employment or receiving any additional income beyond their salary. This rule is in place to maintain the independence and impartiality of the judiciary.

Q: Are federal judges eligible for raises or bonuses?

A: Federal judges do not receive raises or bonuses based on performance or length of service. Their salary is determined by the Judicial Compensation Act and remains fixed throughout their tenure.

Q: Do federal judges receive any retirement benefits?

A: Yes, federal judges are eligible for retirement benefits. After serving for a specified number of years, they become eligible for a pension plan that provides them with income after their retirement.

Q: How are federal judges’ salaries funded?

A: The salaries of federal judges, including Judge Marilyn Mulian, are funded by the federal government. The funds come from the general budget allocated to the judiciary branch of the government.

Q: Is Judge Marilyn Mulian’s salary subject to income taxes?

A: Yes, federal judges’ salaries are subject to federal income taxes, just like any other income earned by individuals.

In conclusion, Judge Marilyn Mulian, like other federal judges, earns a base salary of $216,400 per year. This figure is determined by the Judicial Compensation Act and is the same for all federal judges. In addition to the base salary, federal judges receive various benefits and allowances to ensure their financial security and independence. It is important to note that federal judges are not allowed to engage in outside employment or receive additional income, as this could compromise their impartiality.

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