How Old Is Henry Law on Moonshiners

How Old Is Henry Law on Moonshiners?

Henry Law, a fan-favorite cast member on the hit reality TV show “Moonshiners,” has captured the hearts of viewers with his incredible distilling skills and charming personality. As the show continues to gain popularity, fans are curious about the age of this talented moonshiner. In this article, we will delve into Henry Law’s age and explore some frequently asked questions regarding his life and career.

Henry Law was born on October 15, 1961, which makes him currently 60 years old. Despite his age, Law’s passion for moonshining has not wavered throughout the years. He has dedicated his life to perfecting the craft and has become a respected figure in the moonshine community.

Law’s journey on “Moonshiners” began in 2012 when he joined the cast of the show. Since then, he has been an integral part of the series, offering his expertise and knowledge on the art of moonshining. His skills, combined with his witty humor and laid-back personality, have made him a fan-favorite.


Q: How did Henry Law become a part of “Moonshiners”?

A: Henry Law’s involvement with “Moonshiners” began when the producers discovered his exceptional moonshining skills and charismatic personality. They saw an opportunity to showcase his talent on the show, and Law readily accepted the offer. Since then, he has become one of the most beloved cast members.

Q: How did Henry Law develop his expertise in moonshining?

A: Henry Law’s passion for moonshining began at a young age. Growing up in the heart of Appalachia, he was exposed to the rich history and tradition of distilling. Over the years, he honed his skills through trial and error, learning from experienced moonshiners in his community. Law’s dedication to perfecting his craft has made him a highly skilled and respected distiller.

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Q: What sets Henry Law apart from other moonshiners on the show?

A: Henry Law’s unique blend of humor, expertise, and down-to-earth personality is what sets him apart from other moonshiners on the show. He is known for his laid-back approach to distilling, often incorporating innovative techniques and flavors into his moonshine recipes. Law’s ability to connect with viewers and his castmates has made him a standout character on “Moonshiners.”

Q: Has Henry Law faced any challenges throughout his moonshining career?

A: Like any moonshiner, Henry Law has faced his fair share of challenges. From evading law enforcement to navigating the unpredictable elements of nature, the life of a moonshiner is far from easy. However, Law’s determination and passion for the craft have helped him overcome these obstacles, proving his resilience as a distiller.

Q: What can we expect from Henry Law in the future?

A: As “Moonshiners” continues to captivate audiences, Henry Law’s presence on the show is expected to remain strong. Fans can anticipate more exciting moonshine adventures, humorous anecdotes, and valuable insights from this seasoned distiller. Law’s dedication to his craft and his ability to entertain viewers will undoubtedly keep him a beloved figure in the moonshining community for years to come.

In conclusion, Henry Law, the talented moonshiner on “Moonshiners,” is currently 60 years old. His expertise in distilling, combined with his captivating personality, has made him a fan-favorite. Throughout his career, Law has faced challenges head-on and has become a respected figure in the moonshine community. As the show continues to thrive, viewers can look forward to more exciting adventures and insights from this remarkable moonshiner.

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