What a Squash Court Lacks Crossword Clue

What a Squash Court Lacks Crossword Clue: An In-Depth Look


Squash is a popular racquet sport played by millions of people around the world. It requires skill, agility, and strategic thinking. However, even the most experienced squash players can sometimes find themselves stumped by a crossword clue related to the sport. One such clue that has perplexed many enthusiasts is “What a squash court lacks.” In this article, we will explore the possible answers to this crossword clue and delve into the various elements that make up a squash court. Additionally, we will provide a FAQs section to address common queries related to this topic.

Possible Answers

When trying to solve the crossword clue “What a squash court lacks,” it is important to consider the specific components of a squash court. Here are some possible answers that might fit the bill:

1. Corners: A squash court is unique in shape, lacking traditional right-angle corners. Instead, the court has four sloping walls that converge into a V-shape at the front. This design allows for continuous play without any dead spots, making squash a fast-paced and dynamic sport.

2. Windows: Unlike many other racquet sports, squash courts do not have windows. The absence of natural light and external distractions helps players focus solely on their game. The enclosed environment also prevents any interference from wind or other weather conditions, ensuring a consistent playing experience.

3. Nets: Squash courts, unlike tennis or badminton courts, do not have nets. Instead, they feature a tin, a metal strip positioned horizontally at the front of the court, approximately 17 inches high. The tin marks the top boundary of the front wall and serves as a target for players to aim their shots above.

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4. Lines: Squash courts have various lines that define the boundaries and areas of play. However, one line that is notably absent is the service line. Unlike in tennis or badminton, squash players do not serve from a specific line. Instead, they are allowed to serve from anywhere within the service box, a rectangular area located at the back of the court.

Components of a Squash Court

To fully understand what a squash court lacks, it is essential to familiarize ourselves with the different elements that make up a standard squash court. Here are the key components:

1. Walls: Squash courts are enclosed spaces with four walls: the front wall, two side walls, and the back wall. The front wall features the tin and has three vertical lines known as the service boxes. The side walls and back wall are used for shots that require angles and strategic positioning.

2. Floor: The squash court floor is typically made of a hard, smooth material, such as wood or synthetic materials. The surface is designed to provide good grip and reduce the risk of injury caused by slipping.

3. Markings: Squash courts have various markings that serve as guidelines for players. These include the outline of the court, the tin, the service boxes, and other lines that indicate the boundaries of play or specific shot targets.

4. Lighting: Adequate lighting is crucial in a squash court to ensure clear visibility of the ball and players. Bright, evenly distributed lights are typically installed above the court to eliminate shadows and provide optimal visibility.

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Q: Can squash be played outdoors?
A: While squash is traditionally an indoor sport, there are variations and adaptations, such as outdoor squash courts or squash played on glass-walled courts. However, the majority of squash is played indoors due to the specific requirements and controlled environment needed for a fair game.

Q: Are squash courts always the same size?
A: No, squash courts can vary in size. The standard dimensions for a singles squash court are 21 feet by 32 feet, while doubles courts are larger, measuring 29.5 feet by 32 feet. However, there are also variations in court sizes, particularly in older or non-standard venues.

Q: What equipment is needed to play squash?
A: To play squash, you will need a racquet, a squash ball, and appropriate footwear. Squash racquets are specifically designed for the sport, with a smaller head and shorter length compared to tennis racquets. Squash balls come in different types (e.g., single yellow dot, double yellow dot) that vary in speed and bounce. It is crucial to wear non-marking indoor court shoes to ensure proper grip and reduce the risk of injury.


“What a squash court lacks” is a crossword clue that can lead to confusion for those unfamiliar with the sport. By understanding the distinct features of a squash court, such as its lack of corners, windows, nets, and certain lines, we can decipher the intended answer. Squash is a thrilling sport that requires precision and agility, and knowing the intricacies of the court enhances our appreciation for the game. So, the next time you come across this crossword clue, you will be well-equipped to solve it confidently.

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