What Are the White Boxes on the Trunk of Police Cars

What Are the White Boxes on the Trunk of Police Cars?

If you have ever seen a police car up close, you may have noticed a white box attached to the trunk. These boxes are known as trunk-mounted mobile data computers (MDCs) and serve an essential purpose in modern law enforcement. In this article, we will explore what these white boxes are and why they are important for police officers. We will also address some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding these MDCs.

The trunk-mounted mobile data computers are ruggedized computer systems that provide officers with instant access to crucial information while on patrol. These devices are essentially onboard computers that connect to the police department’s network and provide officers with real-time data. The MDCs are equipped with touchscreens, keyboards, and other input devices that allow officers to quickly access and input information.

The primary purpose of these MDCs is to enhance officer safety and efficiency. They enable officers to quickly access critical information, such as vehicle registration details, criminal records, outstanding warrants, and incident reports. This instant access to information helps officers make informed decisions while on duty, ensuring public safety and aiding in the prevention and solving of crimes.

The MDCs are also equipped with GPS technology, allowing officers to pinpoint their location accurately. This is especially useful in emergency situations or when responding to calls for service. The GPS functionality ensures that officers can be directed to the exact location quickly, reducing response times and improving overall efficiency.

Furthermore, these MDCs enable seamless communication between officers and the police department. Officers can use the devices to send and receive messages, access email, and receive important alerts and updates from their superiors. This constant connection allows for better coordination among officers and a more efficient response to emergencies.

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Q: Are these MDCs only used for accessing law enforcement databases?
A: No, while accessing law enforcement databases is one of the primary functions of these MDCs, they can also be used for various other tasks. Officers can use them to write reports, access training materials, and even issue traffic citations.

Q: Can officers use these MDCs while driving?
A: It is generally discouraged for officers to use these devices while driving. However, they can be used when the vehicle is stationary or during emergency situations when immediate access to information is crucial.

Q: Are these MDCs secure?
A: Yes, these devices are highly secure and encrypted to ensure that sensitive police data is protected. They have multiple layers of security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access.

Q: Do all police departments use these MDCs?
A: While not all police departments use MDCs, they have become increasingly common in modern law enforcement agencies. Many departments recognize the benefits of instant access to information and improved communication, leading to widespread adoption.

Q: Can civilians access the information on these MDCs?
A: No, the information on these MDCs is strictly confidential and can only be accessed by authorized law enforcement personnel. Unauthorized access or attempts to tamper with the system are illegal and can result in severe consequences.

In conclusion, the white boxes on the trunk of police cars are trunk-mounted mobile data computers (MDCs) that provide officers with instant access to crucial information. These devices enhance officer safety, improve efficiency, and enable seamless communication between officers and their departments. MDCs have become a vital tool in modern law enforcement, ensuring that officers have the necessary information at their fingertips to protect and serve the community.

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