What Happened to DJ Law From Last Chance U

What Happened to DJ Law From Last Chance U?

Last Chance U, a popular Netflix documentary series, has captivated audiences with its raw and unfiltered look into the world of college football and the lives of its players. One of the players who gained significant attention during the show’s run was DJ Law, a talented running back with a troubled past. However, after his time at East Mississippi Community College (EMCC), Law seemed to disappear from the spotlight, leaving many fans wondering what happened to him. In this article, we will delve into DJ Law’s journey, his struggles, and what he has been up to since Last Chance U.

DJ Law’s Background

DJ Law, whose real name is Dior Johnson, grew up in Haines City, Florida. He was a highly touted high school football star, with offers from several major Division I programs. However, his dreams of playing for a top-tier college team were shattered when he was involved in a robbery incident during his senior year. Law was arrested and charged with armed robbery, leading to his expulsion from his high school. This incident drastically affected his football career and left him with limited options.

Last Chance U

Law’s redemption came when he was given a second chance to play football at EMCC, a junior college known for its successful football program. He joined the Lions for the 2015 season, and his journey was documented in the second season of Last Chance U. The show shed light on Law’s troubled past, his attempts to rebuild his life, and his determination to succeed both on and off the field.

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During his time at EMCC, Law faced numerous obstacles. He struggled with injuries, personal issues, and had difficulty adjusting to the rigorous demands of college football. Despite these challenges, Law showcased his talent and potential, impressing both his coaches and audiences. His remarkable speed and agility made him a valuable asset to the team, and he played a crucial role in their successful season.

What Happened After Last Chance U?

After the events of Last Chance U, DJ Law’s life took an unexpected turn. He transferred to the University of South Alabama to continue his college football career. However, his time at South Alabama was plagued with setbacks and disappointments. He struggled to find his place within the team and failed to make a significant impact on the field.

Law’s football journey became even more tumultuous when he was dismissed from the South Alabama football program in 2017. The specific reasons for his dismissal remain undisclosed, but it appeared that Law’s troubled past and personal issues caught up with him once again.

Since leaving South Alabama, DJ Law has remained relatively quiet, with little information available about his current endeavors. It seems that he has stepped away from the world of football and is focusing on his personal life and future aspirations.


Q: Is DJ Law still pursuing a career in football?
A: It is unclear whether DJ Law is still pursuing a career in football. After his dismissal from the University of South Alabama, he has not been involved with any football programs or teams.

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Q: What is DJ Law currently doing?
A: There is limited information about DJ Law’s current activities. It appears that he is leading a private life away from the public eye.

Q: Did DJ Law face any legal consequences for his past actions?
A: Yes, DJ Law faced legal consequences for his involvement in the armed robbery incident during high school. The specific details and outcomes of the legal proceedings are not widely available.

Q: Will DJ Law ever return to the spotlight or pursue a comeback in football?
A: While it is impossible to predict the future, DJ Law’s troubled past and the challenges he has faced may make a football comeback difficult. However, athletes have overcome adversity before, so it is not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

In conclusion, DJ Law’s journey from Last Chance U to his subsequent college football career has been a rollercoaster ride filled with immense challenges. While his talent and determination were evident during his time on the show, Law struggled to maintain his success in the years that followed. As he continues his personal journey, it remains to be seen whether he will find success in football or forge a new path for himself outside of the sport.