What Happened to Scott Impola Cold Justice

Title: What Happened to Scott Impola: A Cold Justice Investigation

Introduction (100 words):
The case of Scott Impola, a young man who vanished mysteriously in 1990, captivated the nation and remained unsolved for years. However, in 2018, the renowned TV show “Cold Justice” took up the investigation, leaving many wondering what happened to Scott Impola. In this article, we delve into the details of the case, the Cold Justice investigation, and the frequently asked questions surrounding this intriguing mystery.

The Disappearance of Scott Impola (200 words):
On November 10, 1990, 20-year-old Scott Impola went missing from his hometown of Cottage Grove, Minnesota. Scott was last seen leaving a local bar in the early hours of the morning, and his car was found abandoned on the side of the road a few days later. Despite extensive searches and investigations by law enforcement, Scott’s whereabouts remained unknown for nearly three decades.

The Cold Justice Involvement (200 words):
In 2018, the hit television show “Cold Justice” decided to take on the case of Scott Impola. Known for their expertise in solving cold cases, the show’s hosts, former prosecutor Kelly Siegler and seasoned investigator Steve Spingola, brought renewed hope to Scott’s family and the community.

The Cold Justice team focused on re-examining all the evidence, conducting interviews with witnesses, and employing cutting-edge forensic techniques. Through their tireless efforts, they were able to uncover new leads and shed light on potential suspects that had previously been overlooked.

The Outcome of the Investigation (300 words):
While specific details about the outcome of the Cold Justice investigation into Scott Impola’s disappearance remain undisclosed due to ongoing legal proceedings, it is known that significant progress was made. The renewed attention on the case brought forth previously unidentified persons of interest and strengthened existing leads.

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In cooperation with local law enforcement, the Cold Justice team presented their findings to the district attorney’s office. As a result, the case was reopened, leading to potential breakthroughs that could finally bring justice to Scott Impola and his family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: Who is Scott Impola?
A1: Scott Impola was a 20-year-old man who went missing in Cottage Grove, Minnesota, in 1990.

Q2: What is “Cold Justice”?
A2: “Cold Justice” is a true crime television show that focuses on solving long-unsolved cold cases.

Q3: What happened to Scott Impola?
A3: Scott Impola disappeared after leaving a local bar in 1990. His car was later found abandoned.

Q4: Did the Cold Justice investigation solve the case?
A4: While the specific outcome is undisclosed, the Cold Justice investigation brought significant progress and renewed hope in finding answers.

Q5: Are there any suspects in Scott Impola’s disappearance?
A5: The Cold Justice investigation uncovered new leads and potential suspects that were previously overlooked.

Q6: Is the investigation ongoing?
A6: Yes, the investigation into Scott Impola’s disappearance remains ongoing, with cooperation between the Cold Justice team and local law enforcement.

Conclusion (100 words):
The case of Scott Impola remains an enigma, but the involvement of the Cold Justice team has brought renewed optimism for finding answers. While the specific details of the investigation remain undisclosed, the progress made has reignited hope for justice. Scott’s family and the community eagerly await the resolution of this decades-long mystery. With ongoing efforts and the collaboration between the Cold Justice team and local law enforcement, the truth about what happened to Scott Impola may finally come to light.

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