What Is a 918 in Police Code

What Is a 918 in Police Code?

Police codes are a system of numbers and phrases used by law enforcement officials to communicate efficiently and effectively. These codes are usually specific to a particular police department or agency and can vary from one jurisdiction to another. One of the codes that may be heard on police scanners or seen in police reports is “918.” So, what exactly does this code mean?

In most police departments, the code “918” generally refers to a mental health issue or a person in need of assistance due to a mental health crisis. It is important to note that police codes can have different meanings in different places, so it is always essential to verify the exact definition with the relevant local police department or agency. However, the code 918 often represents a call for assistance where someone’s mental health is a concern.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What other codes are commonly used in police communication?
A: Police departments utilize various codes to communicate effectively. Some common examples include 10-4 (acknowledgment), 10-20 (location), 10-23 (arrived at the scene), and 10-99 (officer needs assistance).

Q: How do police officers use these codes?
A: Police officers use these codes to relay information quickly and discreetly. By using codes, they can communicate complex situations or requests without revealing sensitive information to the public or suspects.

Q: Is the code 918 used universally?
A: No, police codes are not universal. They can vary between jurisdictions, states, or even countries. It is essential to verify the specific meaning of a code with the local police department.

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Q: Are all police codes publicly accessible?
A: Some police codes are publicly accessible, while others may be restricted for security reasons. The availability of information on police codes can vary depending on the department’s policy and the specific code in question.

Q: Can civilians use police codes?
A: While civilians can learn about police codes, it is generally recommended that they use plain language when communicating with law enforcement officials. Using police codes without a proper understanding can lead to confusion and delays in emergency situations.

Q: Are police codes used in all emergency services?
A: Police codes are primarily used by law enforcement agencies, but they can also be utilized by other emergency services such as fire departments or medical services. However, these codes may differ between departments.

Q: Is there a standardized system for police codes?
A: There is no universally standardized system for police codes, as they are typically developed and implemented at the local or agency level. However, certain codes, like the ten-code system, are widely used across different jurisdictions.

Q: Why do police departments use codes instead of plain language?
A: Police departments use codes to maintain confidentiality, enhance communication efficiency, and ensure the safety of officers and the public. By using codes, sensitive information can be kept private and quickly relayed between officers.

In conclusion, the code 918 in police communication usually refers to a mental health-related issue or a person in need of assistance due to a mental health crisis. However, it is crucial to note that police codes can vary between jurisdictions, and their meanings may differ. To obtain accurate information about specific codes, it is always recommended to reach out to the relevant local police department or agency.

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