What Is Super Lawyer

What Is Super Lawyer?
In the legal field, the title of “Super Lawyer” holds significant prestige and recognition. Super Lawyers is a rating service that identifies outstanding lawyers across various practice areas in the United States. The selection process for Super Lawyers includes a rigorous evaluation of attorneys based on their professional achievements, peer recognition, and independent research.

Super Lawyers was founded in 1990 by attorney John Campbell, who aimed to create a reliable and comprehensive resource for individuals seeking exceptional legal representation. The rating service employs a patented, multiphase selection process to ensure that only the top attorneys are recognized as Super Lawyers.

Selection Process:
The Super Lawyers selection process comprises four key steps: nomination, independent research, peer evaluation, and final selection.

1. Nomination: Lawyers are first nominated by their peers, clients, or the Super Lawyers research team. This initial step helps identify potential candidates who have displayed exceptional legal skills and achievements.

2. Independent Research: Once nominated, attorneys undergo a thorough independent research process. The Super Lawyers research team evaluates candidates based on various factors, including their education, professional experience, honors and awards, verdicts and settlements, scholarly lectures and writings, and other outstanding achievements.

3. Peer Evaluation: Following the research phase, attorneys are evaluated by their peers in the same practice area. This peer evaluation accounts for one of the most crucial aspects of the selection process. Peers are asked to assess the candidates based on their professional competence, integrity, and overall performance.

4. Final Selection: After careful consideration of the nominations, independent research, and peer evaluations, the final selection is made. Only the top attorneys, typically comprising the top 5% of lawyers in each state, are honored with the title of Super Lawyer.

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Q: What are the benefits of hiring a Super Lawyer?
A: Hiring a Super Lawyer ensures that you have chosen an attorney who has been thoroughly evaluated and recognized for their exceptional legal skills and achievements. Super Lawyers are known for their expertise and commitment to providing high-quality legal representation.

Q: Can any attorney be recognized as a Super Lawyer?
A: No, the selection process for Super Lawyers is highly competitive and rigorous. Only attorneys who have demonstrated exceptional legal skills and achievements are eligible for recognition.

Q: Are Super Lawyers affiliated with any law firm or organization?
A: Super Lawyers is an independent rating service and is not affiliated with any specific law firm or organization. The selection process is unbiased and solely based on an attorney’s merits.

Q: Can an attorney campaign to become a Super Lawyer?
A: No, attorneys cannot campaign or solicit votes to become a Super Lawyer. The selection process is conducted entirely on the basis of the extensive evaluation carried out by Super Lawyers’ research team and peers.

Q: How often are Super Lawyers lists updated?
A: Super Lawyers lists are updated annually to ensure that the recognition accurately reflects the current top attorneys in each state and practice area.

Q: Is the Super Lawyers recognition permanent?
A: No, the Super Lawyers recognition is not permanent. Attorneys must go through the selection process each year to maintain their Super Lawyer status.

In conclusion, Super Lawyers is a highly regarded rating service that identifies the top attorneys across various practice areas. The selection process, which includes nomination, independent research, peer evaluation, and final selection, ensures that only the most exceptional lawyers are recognized. Hiring a Super Lawyer guarantees that you are receiving legal representation from a highly skilled and recognized professional.

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