What Is the Legal Fps for Airsoft Us

Title: What Is the Legal FPS for Airsoft in the US?


Airsoft is a popular recreational activity, often described as a simulation of real-life military combat. It involves the use of replica firearms that shoot plastic BBs. To ensure safety during gameplay, various regulations and guidelines have been established, including restrictions on the velocity or FPS (feet per second) of airsoft guns. In this article, we will explore the legal FPS for airsoft in the United States, along with some frequently asked questions regarding this topic.

Legal FPS for Airsoft in the US:

The specific legal FPS for airsoft guns can vary from state to state and even within different localities. However, there are generally accepted guidelines that most players and fields adhere to. The majority of airsoft fields in the US adhere to a maximum FPS limit of 400 feet per second for rifles and 350 feet per second for pistols. These limits are put in place to ensure the safety of participants and minimize the risk of injury during gameplay.

It is important to note that these limits are typically measured using a 0.20-gram BB. Different weights of BBs can affect the velocity, so it is crucial to consider this when adjusting your airsoft gun’s FPS to ensure compliance with local regulations. Additionally, some fields may have specific rules regarding the engagement distances for different FPS limits, so it is always advisable to check with the field or event organizer before participating.


Q1: Why are there FPS limits for airsoft guns?

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A: FPS limits are implemented primarily for safety reasons. High-velocity airsoft guns can cause serious injury or harm to players, particularly if safety measures are not followed. By setting FPS limits, it helps ensure that the impact energy of the BBs remains within a safe range and minimizes the potential for severe injuries.

Q2: What happens if my airsoft gun exceeds the legal FPS limit?

A: Exceeding the legal FPS limit can result in your airsoft gun being deemed unsafe for use on most fields and events. It is crucial to check and adjust your gun’s FPS to comply with the regulations of the field or event you plan to attend. Most fields will have chronograph stations to measure your gun’s velocity and ensure it falls within the acceptable limits.

Q3: Can I modify my airsoft gun to increase its FPS?

A: Modifying your airsoft gun to increase its FPS beyond the legal limits is not recommended. Doing so not only poses safety hazards but also violates field regulations and may lead to penalties or being barred from participating in airsoft events. It is always advisable to keep your airsoft gun within the legal limits established by the field or event organizers.

Q4: Are there any exceptions to FPS limits for airsoft guns?

A: Some fields or events may have specific exceptions or variations to the standard FPS limits. These exceptions could be based on the type of gameplay, player age, or specific scenarios. However, it is important to note that such exceptions are not common, and players should always comply with the stated FPS limits unless otherwise specified.

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Q5: How can I ensure my airsoft gun remains within the legal FPS limits?

A: To ensure compliance, regularly check and maintain your airsoft gun’s FPS using a chronograph. These devices measure the velocity of the BBs and help you adjust your gun accordingly. Additionally, using the appropriate weight of BBs and regularly cleaning and maintaining your gun can contribute to consistent performance and compliance with FPS limits.


Maintaining a safe and enjoyable airsoft environment is essential, and adhering to the legal FPS limits is a crucial aspect of achieving this goal. By following the guidelines set by airsoft fields and event organizers, players can ensure the safety of themselves and others, minimizing the risk of injuries during gameplay. Always remember to check local regulations, adjust your airsoft gun’s FPS when necessary, and prioritize safety above all else.