What Number Do Police Call From

What Number Do Police Call From?

When you find yourself in an emergency situation and need to contact the police, it is crucial to know the number they will call from. Understanding the number displayed on your phone’s screen can help you identify incoming calls from law enforcement and ensure a prompt response. In this article, we will explore the various numbers that police use to call and provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding this topic.

1. Emergency Services Numbers:
In most countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, the emergency services number is 911. When you dial 911, your call is routed to the appropriate emergency response center, which may include police, fire, or medical services. In such cases, the police will call you back from a designated emergency services number.

2. Non-Emergency Police Numbers:
If you need to report a non-emergency situation or require general assistance from the police, it is important to use the designated non-emergency police number for your area. These numbers are typically provided by local law enforcement agencies and are separate from emergency services numbers. When you call a non-emergency police number, the police will return your call using the same number displayed on your caller ID.


Q: Can the police call from a blocked number?
A: In emergency situations, it is rare for the police to call from a blocked number. However, in certain cases where the situation requires anonymity or undercover operations, the police may use blocked or private numbers.

Q: What if the police do not call back?
A: If you have reported an incident and the police have not returned your call within a reasonable time frame, it is advisable to contact the non-emergency police number again or visit your local police station to follow up on your report.

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Q: Can I trust calls from numbers claiming to be the police?
A: Unfortunately, scammers occasionally impersonate law enforcement officials. To ensure the legitimacy of a call, ask for the caller’s identification number, name, and badge number. You can then independently verify this information by contacting your local police station.

Q: Why did the police call from a different number?
A: Police departments often have several phone lines or use call centers to handle their communication. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the police to call from a different number than the one you initially dialed.

Q: Can the police call from a mobile number?
A: Yes, the police can call from mobile numbers. Law enforcement agencies often equip their officers with mobile phones to maintain communication and respond to emergencies while on the move.

Q: What should I do if I miss a call from the police?
A: If you miss a call from the police, it is crucial to return the call as soon as possible. They may be attempting to provide you with important information or require further details regarding a reported incident.

In conclusion, knowing the number from which the police will call is essential for identifying incoming calls from law enforcement. Emergency services numbers such as 911 are used to report emergencies, while non-emergency police numbers are utilized for general assistance or reporting non-urgent matters. Remember to verify the legitimacy of any calls claiming to be from the police and promptly return missed calls to ensure effective communication with law enforcement.