When Does Judge Judy New Season Start

When Does Judge Judy New Season Start?

Judge Judy, the iconic courtroom reality show hosted by Judge Judith Sheindlin, has been captivating audiences for over two decades. Known for her no-nonsense attitude, sharp wit, and quick judgments, Judge Judy has become a household name and a staple of daytime television. Fans eagerly await the start of each new season, and the question on everyone’s mind is, “When does Judge Judy new season start?”

Judge Judy’s 25th and final season concluded on July 23, 2021, leaving viewers wondering if they will see more of their favorite judge in the future. Fortunately, fans need not worry, as Judge Judy will be returning with a brand new show titled “Judy Justice.” The new show will continue to feature Judge Judy’s trademark style, offering viewers a familiar yet exciting courtroom experience.

Although an exact date for the premiere of “Judy Justice” has not been announced, fans can expect to see the new season sometime in 2022. Judge Judy herself has expressed her enthusiasm for the upcoming show, stating that she is excited to bring her unique approach to justice back to television screens. As fans eagerly await the new season, let’s address some frequently asked questions about Judge Judy and her upcoming show.


Q: Will Judge Judy be the same in “Judy Justice” as she was in her previous show?
A: Yes, Judge Judy will continue to bring her no-nonsense attitude and sharp judgments to “Judy Justice.” Fans can expect the same level of fairness and straightforwardness that they have come to admire over the years.

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Q: Will there be any changes in the format of the show in “Judy Justice”?
A: While specific details about the format of “Judy Justice” have not been revealed, it is expected to follow a similar format to Judge Judy’s previous show. Viewers can anticipate engaging courtroom drama, real-life disputes, and Judge Judy’s unique brand of justice.

Q: Will there be any changes to the court set or the production team?
A: Although no official announcements have been made regarding changes to the court set or production team, it is unlikely that there will be significant alterations. The show’s success lies in its simplicity and authenticity, so any changes would likely be minimal.

Q: Will Judge Judy’s longtime bailiff, Petri Hawkins-Byrd, be a part of “Judy Justice”?
A: At this time, it is unclear whether Petri Hawkins-Byrd will continue to serve as Judge Judy’s bailiff in “Judy Justice.” However, given their longstanding professional relationship, it would not be surprising if he were to make an appearance in the new show.

Q: Can viewers expect any surprises or new elements in “Judy Justice”?
A: While specific details about new elements or surprises in “Judy Justice” have not been disclosed, Judge Judy’s dedication to providing entertaining and thought-provoking courtroom cases suggests that viewers may be in for some surprises.

As the anticipation for the new season of Judge Judy’s show continues to build, fans can rest assured that they will soon be able to enjoy more of the iconic judge’s no-nonsense approach to justice. Whether it’s her witty remarks, fair judgments, or the engaging courtroom drama, “Judy Justice” is sure to captivate audiences just as its predecessor did for 25 successful seasons. So mark your calendars and prepare for the return of Judge Judy in 2022; it’s bound to be another thrilling ride through the world of justice and disputes.

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