Where Are Judge Mablean Ephriam Children

Where Are Judge Mablean Ephriam’s Children?

Judge Mablean Ephriam is a well-known American television personality, author, and former Los Angeles County prosecutor. She gained widespread recognition as the judge on the popular syndicated court show, “Divorce Court,” where she presided over a multitude of cases. While Judge Ephriam has been quite open about her personal life and her career, there is limited information available about her children. In this article, we will look into this topic and try to shed some light on the whereabouts of Judge Mablean Ephriam’s children.

1. Who is Judge Mablean Ephriam?
Judge Mablean Ephriam was born on April 23, 1949, in Hazlehurst, Mississippi. She graduated from California State University, Los Angeles, and later earned her Juris Doctor degree from Whittier College School of Law. Ephriam worked as a prosecutor in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for over a decade before being appointed as a judge in 1992. She became widely recognized for her no-nonsense approach and memorable catchphrases while presiding over “Divorce Court.” Ephriam left the show in 2006 but continues to make appearances on television and engage in various philanthropic endeavors.

2. How many children does Judge Mablean Ephriam have?
Judge Mablean Ephriam has two children, a son named Tajamika and a daughter named Tajari.

3. Where are Judge Mablean Ephriam’s children now?
There is limited public information available about the current whereabouts and activities of Judge Mablean Ephriam’s children. It appears that both Tajamika and Tajari prefer to keep their lives private and away from the media spotlight.

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4. Are Judge Mablean Ephriam’s children involved in the entertainment industry?
While it is unclear if Tajamika and Tajari have pursued careers in the entertainment industry, there is no public information to suggest that they are actively involved in this field. It is important to respect their privacy and allow them to lead their lives outside the public eye.

5. Do Judge Mablean Ephriam’s children have social media accounts?
As mentioned earlier, Tajamika and Tajari Ephriam value their privacy and have chosen not to have public social media accounts. It is commendable that they have made this decision to maintain their personal lives away from the public eye.

6. Have Judge Mablean Ephriam’s children made any public appearances with her?
While there is limited information available about Tajamika and Tajari’s public appearances, it is known that they have made occasional appearances alongside their mother. In the past, they have attended red carpet events and appeared on television shows, showing support for their mother’s endeavors.

In conclusion, Judge Mablean Ephriam’s children, Tajamika and Tajari, have chosen to keep their lives private, away from the media and public spotlight. While limited information is available about their current whereabouts and activities, it is important to respect their privacy and allow them to live their lives as they see fit. Judge Ephriam continues to inspire and captivate audiences with her television appearances and philanthropic work, leaving a lasting impact on those who admire her.