Where to Watch New Judge Judy

Where to Watch New Judge Judy

Judge Judy, one of the most popular and iconic courtroom television shows, has entertained viewers for over two decades. Known for her no-nonsense attitude and quick wit, Judge Judy Sheindlin has become a household name. However, after 25 seasons, the show has come to an end, leaving many fans wondering where they can watch new episodes of Judge Judy. In this article, we will explore the options available to catch the latest cases and drama from the courtroom queen.

1. IMDb TV:

One of the best places to watch new episodes of Judge Judy is IMDb TV, a free streaming service owned by Amazon. The platform offers a wide range of content, including popular TV shows and movies. IMDb TV provides viewers with access to a selection of Judge Judy’s latest episodes, allowing fans to continue enjoying her courtroom antics without any subscription fees.

2. Roku Channel:

Another platform where you can watch new Judge Judy episodes is the Roku Channel. Roku is a popular streaming device, and their channel offers a variety of free content, including television shows and movies. By accessing the Roku Channel, viewers can catch up on the latest cases presided over by Judge Judy, all at no cost.

3. Local Broadcast Stations:

Many local broadcast stations air reruns of Judge Judy’s previous episodes during the day. While these may not be the newest episodes, they still provide fans with their daily dose of courtroom drama. Check your local listings to find out when and where you can watch Judge Judy on your nearest broadcast station.

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4. CBS All Access:

For those who prefer to watch Judge Judy on-demand, CBS All Access is a great option. This subscription-based streaming service offers a vast library of CBS shows, including new episodes of Judge Judy. CBS All Access also allows subscribers to stream live programming, making it possible to watch Judge Judy as it airs.

5. YouTube TV:

If you are looking for a live TV streaming service that includes Judge Judy in its channel lineup, YouTube TV is an excellent choice. With a monthly subscription fee, viewers gain access to various channels, including CBS, where they can watch Judge Judy in real-time. Additionally, YouTube TV offers a cloud DVR feature, allowing users to record and watch episodes at their convenience.


Q: When did Judge Judy end?

A: Judge Judy wrapped up its 25-season run on July 23, 2021, leaving viewers craving more courtroom drama.

Q: Are there any new episodes of Judge Judy?

A: While Judge Judy has come to an end, Judge Judy Sheindlin has a new show called “Judy Justice” in the works, which is expected to air in the near future. Stay tuned for updates!

Q: Can I watch Judge Judy for free?

A: Yes! Platforms like IMDb TV and the Roku Channel offer free access to a selection of Judge Judy episodes, allowing fans to enjoy the show without any cost.

Q: Is Judge Judy available on streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu?

A: Currently, Judge Judy is not available on popular streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu. However, you can catch the show on IMDb TV, the Roku Channel, CBS All Access, or YouTube TV.

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In conclusion, while Judge Judy may have concluded its long-running series, fans can still watch new episodes of the courtroom queen’s iconic show. Platforms like IMDb TV, the Roku Channel, CBS All Access, and YouTube TV offer various options for viewers to catch up on the latest cases and drama. So, whether you prefer free streaming services or subscription-based platforms, you can continue enjoying Judge Judy’s no-nonsense attitude and entertaining courtroom rulings.