Who Appointed Judge Charles Beaudrot

Who Appointed Judge Charles Beaudrot?

Judge Charles Beaudrot was appointed to his position by Governor Brian Kemp. On March 29, 2021, Kemp announced the appointment of Beaudrot to the Georgia Court of Appeals. This appointment came after Judge Sara Doyle was elevated to the Georgia Supreme Court. With Judge Beaudrot’s extensive experience and qualifications, he was chosen to fill the vacancy on the Court of Appeals.

Governor Brian Kemp is responsible for appointing judges in the state of Georgia. When a vacancy arises in the court system, the governor has the authority to select a qualified individual to fill the position. The appointment process involves careful consideration of the candidate’s legal expertise, professional achievements, and commitment to upholding justice.

Judge Charles Beaudrot’s Background

Before his appointment to the Georgia Court of Appeals, Judge Beaudrot served as a Superior Court Judge in the Coweta Judicial Circuit. He had been elected to this position in 2012 and was reelected in 2018. During his time as a Superior Court Judge, Beaudrot presided over various civil and criminal cases, gaining valuable experience and earning the respect of his colleagues.

Prior to becoming a judge, Beaudrot practiced law for over 20 years. He focused on civil litigation, representing clients in a wide range of legal matters. His extensive legal experience and dedication to the law have played a significant role in his appointment to the Court of Appeals.


Q: What is the role of the Georgia Court of Appeals?
A: The Georgia Court of Appeals is an intermediate appellate court. Its primary function is to review decisions made by the trial courts in the state. The Court of Appeals is responsible for ensuring that the law is correctly applied and that justice is served.

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Q: How long will Judge Beaudrot serve in his position?
A: Judge Beaudrot was appointed to fill the vacancy left by Judge Sara Doyle. He will serve the remainder of Doyle’s term, which ends in December 2022. At that point, Beaudrot will have the opportunity to run for reelection.

Q: What qualifications does Judge Beaudrot possess?
A: Judge Beaudrot has an impressive legal background. He practiced law for over two decades, gaining extensive experience in civil litigation. He later served as a Superior Court Judge, handling various civil and criminal cases. These experiences have equipped him with the necessary qualifications to serve on the Court of Appeals.

Q: How does Governor Brian Kemp select judges?
A: The governor relies on a thorough selection process to appoint judges. This process typically involves reviewing the qualifications and experience of potential candidates. The governor aims to select individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to justice and a deep understanding of the law.

Q: What impact will Judge Beaudrot’s appointment have on the Court of Appeals?
A: Judge Beaudrot’s appointment will bring a fresh perspective to the Court of Appeals. His extensive legal background and experience as a Superior Court Judge will contribute to the court’s ability to deliver fair and just decisions. His appointment will play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of the Georgia court system.

In conclusion, Judge Charles Beaudrot was appointed to the Georgia Court of Appeals by Governor Brian Kemp. With his extensive legal experience and qualifications, Judge Beaudrot is well-positioned to contribute to the court’s mission of upholding justice in the state of Georgia. His appointment highlights the importance of selecting qualified individuals who are committed to serving the public and maintaining the integrity of the legal system.

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