Who Is Running for Attorney General in Arkansas

Title: Who Is Running for Attorney General in Arkansas: An Overview of the Candidates and FAQs


The Attorney General’s role in Arkansas is crucial for upholding justice, protecting citizens’ rights, and ensuring the rule of law prevails. With the upcoming election, it is essential to be informed about the candidates running for this significant position. This article aims to provide an overview of the attorney general candidates in Arkansas, their backgrounds, and key information to help voters make an informed decision.

Candidates for Attorney General in Arkansas:

1. Leslie Rutledge (Republican Party):
– Leslie Rutledge has been serving as the Attorney General of Arkansas since 2015, seeking re-election for a third term.
– Prior to becoming the Attorney General, Rutledge worked as a lawyer in both public and private sectors, including serving as counsel to former Governor Mike Huckabee and working at the Arkansas Department of Human Services.
– She emphasizes her commitment to fighting corruption, defending the Constitution, and protecting Arkansans’ rights.
– Rutledge has been involved in various legal battles, including challenging federal regulations, supporting pro-life measures, and fighting against cybercrimes.

2. Mike Lee (Democratic Party):
– Mike Lee, an attorney and former US Congressman, is running as the Democratic candidate for Attorney General.
– Lee has extensive legal experience, having worked as a prosecutor, a defense attorney, and serving as a US Representative from Arkansas’s 4th congressional district.
– His campaign focuses on issues like criminal justice reform, consumer protection, and safeguarding the environment.
– Lee aims to bring fresh perspectives and a commitment to transparency to the Attorney General’s office.

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3. Kerry Hicks (Libertarian Party):
– Kerry Hicks is the Libertarian candidate for Attorney General in Arkansas.
– Hicks has practiced law for over 20 years, specializing in criminal defense and civil litigation.
– He advocates for reducing government interference, protecting individual liberties, and ensuring equal justice for all Arkansans.
– Hicks believes in empowering local communities and promoting personal freedom while adhering to the Constitution.


1. What are the main responsibilities of the Attorney General in Arkansas?
– The Attorney General represents the state in legal matters, provides legal advice to state agencies, and enforces laws to protect consumers, the environment, and public safety. They also prosecute certain criminal cases and defend the state’s interests in litigation.

2. How long is the term for the Attorney General in Arkansas?
– The Attorney General in Arkansas serves a four-year term and can seek re-election.

3. What are the key issues in this election for Attorney General?
– The primary issues include criminal justice reform, consumer protection, cybersecurity, adherence to the Constitution, and defending the rights of Arkansans.

4. How can I find more information about each candidate’s campaign?
– To learn more about the candidates’ platforms, their campaign websites, social media pages, and attending virtual town halls or debates can provide valuable information. Additionally, local news outlets and voter guides often cover the candidates’ stances on various issues.


As the election for Attorney General approaches in Arkansas, it is essential to familiarize ourselves with the candidates running for this crucial position. Leslie Rutledge, Mike Lee, and Kerry Hicks bring diverse backgrounds and perspectives to the table, each addressing different priorities. By considering their track records, policy platforms, and visions for the future, voters can make an informed decision that aligns with their values and aspirations for Arkansas’s justice system. Remember, exercising the right to vote is essential for shaping the future of our state.

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